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Advanced Technologies Deliver New Levels of Care

Lasers are revolutionizing the medical field. Specialists in all fields are incorporating this technology into their list of treatment options because lasers deliver incredible results. The field of Podiatry is no different. After rigorous testing and experimentation, laser therapy treatments were developed to treat a range of podiatric conditions. Work with a Podiatrist in Laurel that offers the laser services you seek!

At Barber Podiatry, we offer the following laser services:

  • Therapy Laser: Our feet specialists can use laser therapy to relieve pain for your injured or damaged feet. You can finally obtain relief from foot pain!
  • Laser for Ugly Toenail Syndrome: If you suffer from embarrassing and unsightly toenails, we can use lasers to treat and improve these aesthetic flaws.
  • PRP: Platelet-rich plasma therapy can relieve pain, promote inflammation, and promote healing for your ligaments and tendons. If cortisone shots have failed, PRP may work for you.

For more than 13 years, Barber Podiatry has cared for feet. During this time, we have seen many fad treatments proven ineffective, but lasers are not one of them. Lasers produce truly impressive results and are used in many different aspects of medicine. Podiatric lasers allow us to provide pain relief and also improve the look of discolored, misshaped, and unsightly toenails.

To learn more about laser services, call (301) 490-2216 to speak with one of our experts today!