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Are your toenails discolored, misshaped or warped by fungus? If you are embarrassed to be seen without your socks on and miss being able to wear sandals, we can help you overcome this problem. With help from our Podiatrist in Laurel, you can correct these aesthetic flaws.

Using advanced laser technology, a foot specialist from Barber Podiatry can correct the underlying causes of ugly toenail syndrome. As the healthy nails begin to grow, defects can disappear. The process is fast, painless, and relatively simple compared to other available treatments.

The signs of ugly toenail syndrome include:

  • Yellow or brown color in the nails
  • Unusually thick nails
  • Bad odor that persists after washing
  • Collected debris beneath the nail
  • White marks on the nail

Don’t let this issue frustrate you any longer. Contact us at (301) 476-1676 today to set up your appointment.