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For far too long, the science of orthotics relied on imperfect and incomplete data, but that has changed, thanks to digital orthotics scanning. This system uses a finely calibrated scanner to survey every aspect of the foot and sends data to a specialized computer program. The final scan is used to create custom orthotics that are built to mold perfectly with your feet. If your orthotic inserts or shoes are causing you problems, work with a Podiatrist in Laurel that offers this breakthrough technology. Sharp Shake AOMS 3D Laser Foot Scanner

Sharp-Shape-AOMS-3D-Laser-Foot-Scanner-1[1] The following variables are included in digital orthotics scanning:

  • Weight Distribution
  • Body Balance
  • High Pressure Areas
  • Mass Displacement
  • Gait Symmetry
  • Phases of Gait

This service is available at Barber Podiatry in Laurel, Maryland. It is changing the way our patients think about orthotics, so give us a call at (301) 476-1676 to set up your scan!